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Logics 7 Games game art studio presents a comprehensive range of services encompassing 2D and 3D animation, as well as concept design, tailored specifically for PC, console, and mobile games. We possess the expertise to develop content for games of varying scales, ranging from small indie projects to grand AAA titles. Our team of exceptionally skilled artists specializes in diverse genres and formats, collaborating closely with you to forge a distinctive style that aligns seamlessly with your project's vision.

Concept Design

Our team specializes in creating captivating concept art for games across various genres.
2D & 3D Concept Design
Our team is dedicated to crafting captivating visuals for your project, encompassing 2D and 3D concept art of characters, environments, and props. What sets us apart is that our specialists are not merely artists, but avid gamers who hold a deep passion for gaming. They possess an intimate understanding of what kind of visuals strike a chord with the audience. We possess the expertise to elicit emotions and produce truly awe-inspiring video game art. With each project, we develop multiple concepts, allowing you to select the one that best encapsulates the core idea, game design, and unique features. Additionally, when it comes to 3D art concepts, we meticulously refine every element, including colors, poses, appearances, and gestures, to ensure a comprehensive and detailed representation.
2D & 3D Sculpting
3D sculpting entails the use of specialized software for modeling purposes. It is akin to shaping clay, but in a digital format. This method enables the creation of highly intricate sculptures and elements adorned with intricate volumetric textures. In the realm of gaming, 3D sculpting finds extensive application in crafting characters, monsters, and in-game objects. Additionally, it is a popular choice to fashion collectible figurine sculptures that serve as promotional materials for the game. Our team of skilled artists is adept at assisting you in bringing any desired objects to life for your game. Whether it involves crafting entirely new 3D reference sculptures or modifying existing objects to align with your preferences, we leverage precise tools and cutting-edge software to fabricate realistic models.

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Captains TCG
Designed for iPad
We provide comprehensive integration services from DBA & CMOs who are constantly innovating their knowledge base enabling them keep up-to date. We...
Captains TCG
For Android and iOS
All on board! Build your own crew of the best sailors and go on adventures. Become the legendary captain of the seven seas.
War Robots
For Android and iOS
Huge robot battles with great 3D graphics in PvP mode. Test your tactical skills and win the battle!
Sniper 3D
For Android and iOS
Aim and shoot! Ultra-realistic graphics and real-life weapons
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