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Logics 7 Games, a UI/UX design company, understands the crucial role that UI/UX design plays in every game. While your project may be filled with excitement and visual appeal, its success hinges on the convenience of user interaction. Without a user-friendly interface, your game will struggle to receive positive ratings from players. That's why Logics 7 Games specializes in crafting high-quality, intuitive interfaces that seamlessly enhance your project.

UI/UX Design Services

At Logics 7 Games, we offer a comprehensive range of UI/UX design services to cater to your needs.
Prototyping and UX Design
The process of prototyping is a vital component of game UX design. It enables you to put your brilliant ideas into practice and evaluate the user experience. Through this analysis, you can gain insights into how players interact with the game, identify potential design weaknesses, and more.
UI Design
When it comes to crafting the user interface, we adhere to the best practices and employ a modern design approach. Our team builds intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces that align with the standards of game UI design. Additionally, we ensure that the UI reflects the unique game design, enhancing the overall experience.
UI Motion Design
Motion UI designers play a crucial role in creating logical sequences and visual cues that aid players in their interactions with the game. Utilizing motion, we can guide players and draw their attention to specific elements, enriching their engagement.
UI/UX Testing
Testing is an indispensable phase in the user interface design process. Once everything is ready, it is imperative to thoroughly examine the user interface. Through rigorous testing, we can identify any software or design-related issues and address them effectively.

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Captains TCG
Designed for iPad
We provide comprehensive integration services from DBA & CMOs who are constantly innovating their knowledge base enabling them keep up-to date. We...
Captains TCG
For Android and iOS
All on board! Build your own crew of the best sailors and go on adventures. Become the legendary captain of the seven seas.
War Robots
For Android and iOS
Huge robot battles with great 3D graphics in PvP mode. Test your tactical skills and win the battle!
Sniper 3D
For Android and iOS
Aim and shoot! Ultra-realistic graphics and real-life weapons
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