New Opportunities for Games

New Opportunities for Games

If you are seeking to expand the reach and influence of your game, explore untapped markets, captivate the attention of fresh and enthusiastic players, or reignite the interest of those who have previously enjoyed your game, then you are undoubtedly on the right track towards unlocking a world of boundless possibilities.

What We Offer

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To facilitate the auditing process, determine how to port and optimize your game for release on new platforms, and initiate expansion, our dedicated team at Logics 7 Games offers comprehensive services:

1. Adapting your game's user experience (UX) for all major platforms, including mobile, web, PC, and consoles.
2. Localizing the game for new countries to reach wider audiences.
3. Optimizing various aspects of the game, such as user interfaces (UI), features, and monetization models.
4. Modifying the game to accommodate different control schemes on the new platforms.
5. Enhancing the game's art by optimizing resolution, polycount, and textures.
6. Optimizing performance through shader adjustments and logic optimizations.
7. Implementing a unique quality assurance (QA) pipeline to facilitate simultaneous releases on multiple platforms.
8. Adapting the game's UX for mobile, web, PC, and console platforms.
9. Developing new features to enhance gameplay.
10. Creating fresh content to keep players engaged.
11. Conducting game analytics to provide you with valuable data for making informed decisions.
12. Utilizing DevOps practices to streamline development and deployment processes.
12. Managing your game community to foster engagement and cultivate a thriving player base.

2D Game Animation

Logics 7 Games excels in the art of animating 2D game illustrations, sketches, designs, and storyboards, infusing them with a vibrant sense of life. Our expertise lies in bringing various elements of your game to life through captivating animation. From characters, both player-controlled (PCs) and non-player-controlled (NPCs), to mesmerizing visual effects, environmental movements, and captivating cutscenes, we ensure that every aspect of movement within your game exudes dynamism, fluidity, and anticipation.

Our team at Logics 7 Games understands the pivotal role that animation plays in enhancing the storytelling aspect of your game. With meticulous attention to detail, we craft animations that seamlessly integrate with the narrative, elevating the overall gaming experience. Each movement is thoughtfully designed to breathe life into your game, capturing the essence of the story you aim to convey.

Our Games

Our Portfolio
Captains TCG
Designed for iPad
We provide comprehensive integration services from DBA & CMOs who are constantly innovating their knowledge base enabling them keep up-to date. We...
Captains TCG
For Android and iOS
All on board! Build your own crew of the best sailors and go on adventures. Become the legendary captain of the seven seas.
War Robots
For Android and iOS
Huge robot battles with great 3D graphics in PvP mode. Test your tactical skills and win the battle!
Sniper 3D
For Android and iOS
Aim and shoot! Ultra-realistic graphics and real-life weapons

Why Choose Logics 7 Games

Collaboration is essential in achieving a successful character design that effectively merges narrative, art, animation, and game design efforts.
Vast Expansion Potential
Logics 7 Games art team possesses a comprehensive range of skills required for character design and other art-related tasks in game development. If you find yourself lacking resources to handle this aspect of game development, wish to allocate your main art team to other projects, or desire to reduce the costs and efforts associated with recruiting and interviewing new team members, feel free to reach out to us. It's important to note that we specialize in projects where concepts have already been developed (for instance, modeling and animation specifically) or in post-production projects (where the introduction of new characters or redesigning existing ones is desired).
Diverse Array of Artistic Styles
Character design is a core aspect of our expertise, and our team possesses the versatility to create, draw, model, and animate characters across a wide range of art styles. Whether your vision calls for hyperrealistic characters that capture intricate details or vibrant and cartoonish designs that exude charm, we have the artistic prowess to bring your imagination to life. Our goal is to ensure that each character we create embodies their unique backstory, personality, and role within your game's universe.
Skilled Design Team
The specialists at Logics 7 Games boast an average of 10 years of experience in the game development industry, and this holds true for our character design artists as well. They excel not only in capturing the essence of a narrative and incorporating it into character design, but also in seamlessly adapting various art styles to perfectly align with the world you have created. Moreover, our artists possess a deep understanding and passion for gaming, allowing them to readily identify character archetypes, explore their influences and evolution, and assist you in making your characters distinct, compelling, and endearing to your audience.
Efficient Delivery System
Thanks to our extensive experience in both game development and remote work (which we have been practicing long before it became a necessity), we possess a remarkable ability to adapt to your specific processes and deliver results efficiently within them. Transparency and maturity are core values that guide our work. We excel in communication, openly addressing any uncertainties or questions we may have, and offering valuable suggestions to enhance your game. We strive to minimize disruption and seamlessly integrate into your established workflow. Naturally, we prioritize meeting deadlines and ensuring timely delivery of our work.
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